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.NET Solutions

In an ever-changing landscape, our customers look to us for help in gaining the business advantage that technology can provide.  We have expanded our core technology offerings to include C#, .NET, ASP.NET, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, and SQLServer.

Progress Software Solutions

Application and Database Design

We can help your development project start and stay on track by working with your staff in designing your application.   We can help you design a function, a module, or an entire application.  From the reports, to the screens, to the database - we can work with your team to design an application that will not only perform the operations needed, but perform them quickly, reliably, with the right look and feel, and able to scale both in functionality and performance.   We create screens and workflows that make it easy for your users to do the right thing.  The enhanced or new application will not only help your users with their work, but also make their jobs easier; therefore, they want to use the new or modified system.  We strive to make the screens and workflows very intuitive, yet powerful.

PROGRESS Development and Testing

We have the resources and the expertise to ensure a successful development project.  We have been specializing in PROGRESS since version 7, both graphic and character-based.  We support various platforms including HP/UX, Solaris, SCO and Windows.   Our applications are thoroughly tested, using industry standard testing practices to ensure predictability, and therefore the success of your application. Whether your company follows the CMM (Capability Maturity Model) process, or your own “tried and true” internal processes, we will work with your staff to follow best Software Development Life Cycle practices and ensure your project’s success.

Systems Integration

Your IT department is most likely supporting many applications working on disparate systems.  Making those systems 'talk to each other' may be what your company needs to improve data-sharing within the enterprise.  We can work with your department heads and IT staff to determine what data needs to be shared, the benefits, specifications, and the technical resources needed for the integration.  We can then work within your budget in providing the necessary expertise to complete the project on time.

Whether we help you with Systems Integration alone, or by developing a function, a module, or an entire application, we will work with your staff to strategically create solutions with this integration in mind.

Mortgage Capital Markets

Secondary Marketing departments and other mortgage capital market participants like mortgage traders, investors and servicers employ tools to manage risk and enhance execution.   CompassPoint from Compass Analytics is a leading tool for managing mortgage pipelines.  This software provides valuation, interest rate risk hedging, and accounting analytics.  We have extensive experience in integrating and configuring CompassPoint for both loan originators and correspondents.  We have also utilized the software for pooling and loan delivery to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac using the latest ULDD format, and to Ginnie Mae in the agency's required format.   Visit for more information.

Loan Origination Systems

Our banking clients use a variety of mortgage lending systems including FiServ's UniFi Pro Mortgage, Lender Processing Services’ Empower or LendingSpace.  We have helped several of our clients in upgrading or customizing their Loan Origination System.  Whether your company is a mortgage lender, correspondent or investor, our team of professionals can also help you deliver a useful and efficient system that will meet and exceed your company's needs.  Even if you are not using one of the products above, contact us.   Chances are our consultants' expert technical skills and extensive industry knowledge can help. Visit for more information.

UniFi Pro Mortgage

UniFi Pro Mortgage is a Loan Origination System from FiServ, Inc.  Our consultants have extensive experience with this product.  We have worked with UniFi since versions 3.2, to the most current version.

We have helped clients accept mortgage applications on the web by seamlessly integrating the LOS with their website, and others by implementing Mortgagebot, and facilitating the asynchronous interface between Mortgagebot and UniFi using ProLink, XML, and UniFi's builder and parser architecture.

We have helped clients interface with their general ledger software, Countrywide, JD Edwards, ONYX CRM system, and others.   We have also helped clients with their 1003 import, flood, appraisal, fraud, and other interfaces, either using XML, or the client's preferred format.

We have deployed UniFi Pro Mortgage via client/server and Citrix.  We have also helped upgrade UniFi, while ensuring our clients leverage all their previous customizations.   We have installed many patches, fixed bugs and provided enhancements, and have customized numerous workflows, screens, and business rules.


LendingSpace is a Loan Origination system from Lending Processing Services.  We helped an investor client integrate this system with CompassPoint, a valuation and risk management system, when implementing a new line of business to purchase loans from loan originators and sell them to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.


Empower is a Loan Origination System from Lending Processing Services.  Our completed projects experience is currently with document customization.  Our consultants have mapped database data to document forms, and written many scripts to implement business rules, including queries and calculations, into document generation.   We can then package these documents into packets for specific loan document delivery.

Wolters Kluwer / VMP Forms

We have worked with mortgage documents provided by Wolters Kluwer, formerly VMP Mortgage Solutions, Inc.  Our consultants have also worked on VMP Forms, converting the documents so they can be used by the Empower Loan Origination System, and have created the necessary overlays to further manipulate the forms, and incorporate business logic not previously provided by data mapping alone.

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