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Interactive Systems is a technology consulting firm specializing in PROGRESS and .NET software development.  We have delivered professional and reliable IT solutions for both large and small companies for over twenty years.  Our clients have continually reached out to us when encountering new challenges or when a project requires additional expertise.

We can help design your system, improve it, or augment your team with IT professionals when all you need is help in getting the job done.  Our team of experts work hard in helping your company achieve its goals.

Our clients know that we continually deliver quality products, on time, and within budget.

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We provide expertise to our clients using any of the PROGRESS Software suite of products, and in C#, .NET, and ASP.NET.  Our team specializes in database and application design, product development, technical implementation, and application support.

We assist our clients achieve their goals by efficiently utilizing their current or new technology.  Our consultants have experience in many industries, including:

  • Mortgage Capital Markets

  • Mortgage Lending

  • Auto Loan Origination

  • Auto Parts

  • Health Insurance

  • Publications and Subscriptions

  • Records Management

  • Sales Analysis and Procurement

  • Vacation and Reservation Systems
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" Interactive Systems, Inc. helped us with everything from software patches to retiring our loan origination system.  They helped us build a key interface to our CRM system, change the way we disclose fee payments, and make a multitude of fixes and enhancements..."

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" Interactive Systems, Inc. has helped us by providing expert technical services for several years now.  From the start, they developed a partnership with our team, immediately working toward our goals.   They led the effort of tuning our database and code, resulting in significant performance gains from our application... "

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