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" Interactive Systems, Inc. helped us with everything from software patches to retiring our loan origination system.   They helped us build a key interface to our CRM system, change the way we disclose fee payments, and make a multitude of fixes and enhancements.  Their staff quickly became critical members of our team, making significant contributions.   They were responsive to our ever-changing needs and priorities, and worked seamlessly with our IT department and user community.  We can always count on Interactive Systems, Inc. to deliver superior results, and recommend them to any organization needing professional software services. "

Kenneth Braden
Ryland Mortgage Company

" Interactive Systems, Inc. has helped us by providing expert technical services for several years now.  From the start, they developed a partnership with our team, immediately working toward our goals.  They led the effort of tuning our database and code, resulting in significant performance gains from our application.  They also helped us move our agents onto a CITRIX environment, allowing them to enjoy the same performance from our application as our in-house staff.  Through a Progress upgrade, and numerous enhancements that allowed us to better support our agents and customers, they have always met our expectations with quality deliverables.   We can bank on the high-quality results that Interactive Systems, Inc. continuously delivers. "

Penny Paque

American Medical Security
a PacifiCare Company

We at Interactive Systems provide technical expertise, focusing on PROGRESS and .NET software development.  We also work with industry-standard technologies that are complementary to our core offerings, as part of a complete solution.   Please see our Services page for more information.

Interactive Systems specializes in assisting our clients achieve their development goals by helping them through their crunch time, or any part of their Software Development Life Cycle.  We have been helping companies by delivering quality products on time and within budget since 1996.


Your company will enjoy many benefits by using our services.   One of these benefits is having a company that does not let its size get in the way.  We can quickly provide your company with the expertise needed.  We will respond to your needs, without the red tape usually found in larger companies.

Your company will also benefit from tapping our constantly expanding technology repertoire.  If there is a skill needed, we either have it, can quickly learn it, or can tap our vast network of professionals.   Whatever is needed to ensure you meet your development deadlines, you can be assured we are nimble enough to see it through.
We also believe in knowledge sharing.  We go out of our way to ensure our consultants share their knowledge and experiences with each other.  Therefore, when you use our services, you will have access to our entire staff's collective expertise.

You will be protecting your IT investment by letting us provide your staff with technical training.  We will informally train your IT staff.  This is due to our company philosophy.  Many consulting firms will come in and do the job, but not help you towards becoming self-sufficient.  If your company wants to make any modifications after other consulting firms leave, you almost have to call them back since either they did not communicate exactly what they did, or they did not share with your staff how to maintain the new system themselves.   We believe we can do better.  If your staff needs to increase their technical expertise in order to do the job at hand, we will gladly do everything we can to get them up to speed, without jeopardizing your ability to meet your deadlines.

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